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Since our inception in 2016 bTECH has been innovating the biotechnology sphere with new ideas for advancing regenerative technology platforms. 

We are setting new research and development standards via our innovative approach to addressing government and commercial industry current and future needs for new technology ranging from radiation protection, wound care, and therapeutic drug delivery device development. In addition to our research and development initiatives our scope of capabilities include: Research and development focused on biotechnology, nanotechnology, scientific and technical consulting, and general management consulting.


bTECHs mission is to provide innovative translational research and development geared towards enhancing lives by transforming technology today.

Experience the Difference

bTECH is all about harnessing our innovative technology to create new and revolutionary technology by capitalizing on our exciting scientific breakthroughs that are translated into the products, tools and services we provide. 




bTECH realizes research and development of new technology is critical to addressing and meeting the challenges for technology advances in the government sector. Our team of experts have over twenty years experience in effectively meeting the innovative challenges in biotechnology needed today.

bTECH Core Government Sectors Include:


Development of new and innovative therapeutic medical devices are relevant and needed for advancement in treatment and patient care. Working with hospitals in the public and private sector bTECH is poised to aid in advancing  research and development of technology now and in the future.


With the advent of space exploration into deep space the need to protect human life from the effects of radiation has significantly increased. bTECH has been working to adapt our technology to address this need.



The need for innovative technology in health care is exponentially growing. bTECH is on the cutting edge of research and development to meet current and future needs in regenerative medicine, and human interfacing technology.


With the advent of deep space travel becoming a reality both government and commercial needs for research and development of technology capable of sustaining human life is growing. bTECH is meeting the challenge for development of multi-technology use devices to sustain deep space travel.


Advancing global energy needs suitable for earth and space environments. bTECHs research and development initiatives are harnessing new and sustainable energy platforms for current and future generations.

Administrative, Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting 

bTECH realizes your research and development is only a strong as the project management strategies utilized to manage a project from start to commercialization. Our team of experts have over twenty years experience in effectively managing projects for private and government entities.

bTECH Classifications

bTECH is classified as a:

  • Minority Owned Business
  • Woman Owned Business
  • Woman Owned Small Business


  • Research and Development in Nanotechnology: 541713 (primary)
  • Research and Development in Life Sciences (Except Biotechnology): 541714 (secondary)
  • Research and Development in the Engineering, and Life Sciences (Except Bio-Nanotechnology) - Except Nanotechnology Research & Experimental Development Laboratories: 541715
  • Research and Development in Social Sciences and Humanities: 541720
  • General Management Consulting: 541611
  • Other Scientific and Technical Consulting: 541690
  • All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical: 541990

DUNS: 080361056

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